Ontario Whitefish Fishing

Whitefish use to be one of the most popular fish to catch in the north. They taste great and give up an amazing fight. It seems that their popularity shrunk in the 80s and early 90s but people are starting to discover Whitefish all over again.

The average size is around 4 pounds. The best time of year on our lake is mid July through September when they are concentrated in the deep holes and are easy to catch with small jigs.

With all the other fish limits being reduced in the last few years, whitefish has remained at a limit of 25 so it's a great way to bring a mess of fish home for the big fish fry. Manitowik Lake is the best for Whitefish. We catch them between 65 and 85 feet deep. Whitefish can be caught in the spring right on the surface using big trout flies. The Whitefish are feeding on the surface due to the Mayfly hatch. They go deep soon after. It's a great way to try your fly rod.

• Limit: 25 Whitefish with a sport license. 12 Whitefish with a conservation license.

• Restrictions: No restrictions

• Open Season: Open All Year

• Provincial Fish Sanctuary: From Baily Bridge (Shikwamka River) to the Middle of Whitefish Lake (2690.6 feet down from bridge and 656 feet above bridge) is closed for all fish species from March 15 to June 15.