Ontario Walleye Fishing


People come from all over North America for our fantastic Walleye fishing.

The average size of our Walleyes is between 17 and 19 inches but many bigger trophy-walleye in the 30 to 32 inch ranges are caught and released all summer. Guests occasionally catch Walleye up to 34 inches, which can weight as much as 14 pounds. We also have the rare Blue Walleye, which is only found in a couple of lakes in Ontario. Catching a Blue Walleye will add the final touch to an awesome fishing trip.

The hottest time for Walleye fishing is all the way to the end of June from when we open the camp in May. The Walleye fishing is good all season but they are a little easier to find in the spring as they are closer to shore, in shallow water or concentrated in various holes and river current. Later in the summer, the Walleye can be found in about 16 to 20 feet of water in the morning and they tend to go deeper midday when it's sunny and hot.

Our guests can fish for Walleye on Whitefish Lake, Shikwamkwa River, Hawk River and Manitowik Lake. There are some spectacular and scenic spots for Walleye fishing such as Stoney Falls and Jane Falls which is a must see during your stay.

Regulations: • Limit: 4 Walleyes with a sport license. 2 Walleyes with a conservation license.

• Restrictions: Only 1 fish can be greater than 18.1 inches.

• Provincial Fish Sanctuary: From Baily Bridge (Shikwamka River) to the Middle of Whitefish Lake (2690.6 feet down from bridge and 656 feet above bridge) is closed for all fish species from March 15 to June 15.

• Open Season: 3rd Sat. in May until Dec. 31