Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Pound for pound, no fish fights harder then a Northern Ontario Smallmouth Bass.

The average size Smallmouth is around 2.5 pounds but bigger bass up to 4.5 pounds can be caught. The Smallmouth are generally caught off rocky shoals, rocky points and in the river systems. The bass are usually shallow and easy to catch.

Bass fishing is good all season. Bass fishing is open all year with exception of the south half of Whitefish Lake, which is concentrated with spawning bass, and is closed until the end of June.

Smallmouth Bass in our area taste great. The cool northern water, which is highly oxygenated by the rivers running into the lake, makes our Smallmouth the best tasting anywhere.

• Limit: 6 bass with a sport license. 2 bass with a conservation license.

• Restrictions: No size restrictions

• Open Season: Open all year.