Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

With such a divers habitat consisting of connecting lakes, rivers, weedy bays and rocky points, our water system is a nursery for not only high populations of Northern Pike but big trophy Northern Pike. They are common in the 24 to 30 inch ranges but many bigger trophies are caught and released all summer.

Some of the more interesting fish that were caught recently:

48 inch - 30 pound pike
44 inch - 26 pound pike
42 inch - 25 pound pike
There are many more pike caught in the 30 to 41 inch ranges.

The best time for pike fishing is from May, when the camp opens, to mid July. Whitefish Lake, Shikwamkwa River, Hawk River, Outline Bay and Monitowik Lake are the best producers during this time. After that, we direct our guests to fish some of the satellite lakes in the area, which are better pike producers in late summer. Pike are caught as shallow as 1 foot and as deep at 20 feet.

Limit: 6 pike with a sport license. 2 pike with a conservation license.

Restrictions (Sport License): Only 2 fish can be greater than 24 inches & only 1 can be greater than 34 inches.

Restrictions (Conservation License): Only 1 fish can be greater than 24 inches & Zero (0) can be greater than 34 inches.

Provincial Fish Sanctuary: From Baily Bridge (Shikwamka River) to the Middle of Whitefish Lake (2690.6 feet down from bridge and 656 feet above bridge) is closed for all fish species from March 15 to June 15.

Open Season: Open All Year