Fishing Boats


Our boats are the 16.5-foot Big Fisherman model, made by Naden. They are a stable, comfortable, and safe boats, which is why they are the top choice of fishing boats by Ontario outfitters. They are powered by 2006 20 hp Honda outboards (We are phasing out older motors with 2018s or newer). They are all equipped with safety kits, paddles, anchor, fish finders and minnow buckets.

• Life Jackets: Only American or Canadian Coast Guard approved life jackets can be used. Seat cushions do not qualify.

• Boat Operators Card: All Ontario residents need a Boat Operators Card to operate the boats. Non residents of Ontario do not need the card unless staying in Ontario for more than 40 days.

Boats are equipped with depth finders

• Drinking & Driving: In Ontario, drinking alcohol in a boat is the same charge as drinking in a car. The legal limit is .05 ml of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, which is only a Canadian 5% beer for a big man. In Ontario, first offense is a 15-month driver's license suspension, minimum $1000 fine, criminal record and a lifetime offender registration. DO NOT DRINK until you are safely back at the lodge for the evening.