Ontario Lake Trout Fishing

It's very exciting to bring a big fish up from the depths. You don't know how big it is or what you have until it hits the surface. That's why people who like to fish for Lake Trout are usually Lake Trout fanatics.

Manitowik Lake and Outline Bay have outstanding Lake Trout fishing. Most Lakers average in the 6 to 8 pound range but smaller good eating trout and bigger trophy Lake Trout are caught on a regular basis. Below are some Lake Trout caught recently:

17 pounds
14 pounds
13.5 pounds
Lots caught up to the 13 pound mark

In spring, just after ice-out, guests who are Walleye or Pike fishing occasionally catch Lake Trout on the surface. Then for the next few weeks, the trout start going deeper and tend to be spread throughout the lake at multiple depths. From mid July through September, the Lake Trout are concentrated in the deep holes and are easy to catch. Some guests jig for them, some guests use downriggers. A new method, which is getting popular due to it's high success rate, is trolling deep with a 3-way swivel rig. Either way, Lake Trout lovers will have a great fishing tip.

• Limit: 2 Lake Trout with a sport license. 1 Lake Trout with a conservation license.

• Restrictions: Trout limit is in combination with other trout species. Example: If you have 1 Lake Trout, you are only allowed 4 Brook Trout with a sport license. With a conservation license, you would only be allowed 1 Brook Trout if you have 1 Lake Trout.

• Open Season: January 1 to September 30

• Provincial Fish Sanctuary: There are three small fish sanctuaries which are away from the good Lake Trout fishing (March 15 to June 15). Talk to Tim before you fish so you know where they are.