Sauna & Game Room

We have a sauna and a game room so you can enjoy some relaxing activities after a day of fishing or hunting.

Game Room: The game room is attached to the main lodge. We have satellite television, VCR and a couple of hundred movies on tape. You can watch sports, movies or catch up on the news. There are four round tables with chairs, decks of cards, cribbage boards, dartboard and a pool table. The room is heated with a wood burning stove and is all screened in to keep the bugs out.

Sauna: Our sauna is constructed out of cedar with benches on either side. Heat is generated by a wood-burning stove, which has rocks on top. The stove is fed wood from the outside so there is not smoke or fumes in the sauna. The sauna is an addition onto the dressing room / bathroom where there are showers.